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Learning Updated 21st February 2021 for any children self-isolating.

Day 1 Learning:

Maths - Year_4_Autumn_Block_2_Step_3_HW_EXT_Add_Two_4_Digit_Numbers_2.pdf

Writing - Sorting_Show_not_Tell_Sentences Show Don't Tell 2

Reading - Reading_Extract_and_Comprehension.pdf

Science - Grouping_Solids_Liquids_and_Gases_KS2_Science.pdf

Day 2 learning can be found for all children on our Year 4 Itslearning page.

*January Lockdown - Please check Class Dojo for all updates regarding the lockdown home learning*

All parents have been sent their child's Teams and ItsLearning logins on Dojo, please check your messages. Online learning via these platforms begins on Monday 11th January.

Please see Year 4 Lockdown Home Learning Letter - Year_4_Lockdown_Letter.docx

Should your children be off due to self- isolating then they should complete the following tasks below:

Please contact the class teacher and your child will then be sent new learning each day for the rearming 13 days.

Day 1 learning:

Writing -Writing_task.pdf

SPaG - Grammar_task_.pdf

Maths - 100s_10s_and_1s.pdf Numbers_to_1000.pdfRound_to_the_nearest_10.pdf

Reading - Bad_Mermaids_Meet_the_Sushi_Sisters_Extract.pdfQuestions.pdf

Day 2 learning:

Literacy- Cold_task_pdf.pdf

SPAG - (4BB) W1_spag_spr_pdf.pdf (4B) Grammar task 2

Maths - Addition_and_Subtraction_consolodation_.pdf Answers.pdfAdd_and_sub_Consolidation_Pack_with_answers.pdf


Extract - Tennis_Time_Extract.pdf

mild questions Blue_questions_pdf.pdf hot questions Yellow_questions_pdf.pdf spicy questions Purple_questions_pdf.pdf

Tasks - Tasks_pdf.pdf

Day 3 learning:

Literacy - Poems.docx Read the poems and answer the following questions:

  1. Select the 5 most important words in the poem - explain why!

2. Pick 10 words you would like to magpie.

3. Describe the pictures it created in your head.

4. What is your opinion of the poem?

Did the poems include any features on the success criteria? Poetry_Success_Criteria.docx

SPaG - SPaG_Wk2_Spr1_Y4_3_.docx

Maths - Money Recap - Mild Questions Spicy Questions Hot Questions

Reading - Plastic_Pollution_Comprehension.pdf

SOLE - Who did continental drift affect the most? How did the dinosaurs become extinct? SOLE Sheet - Onchan_School_SOLE_Recording_Sheets.docx

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