SOLE at Onchan School
At Onchan School, we recognise and value that children learn best when they drive and have ownership over their learning. Our Learning Powers and Learning and Teaching policy reflect our ethos for teaching and learning, “we expect children to be actively involved in their learning. No two children learn in the same way and as teachers we need to ensure that we create opportunities to learn in ways which are creative, imaginative, not transmissive (i.e. not didactic- teaching from the front), hands on, dynamic, take account of new ways of learning, are skills based and which come from the children’s interests.” SOLE has proven to be an effective tool that encourages teaching and learning to be done in such a way that also runs in tandem with the Island’s statutory E4L curriculum.

Visit our Sustainable Development Goals page here to find out how we use SOLE to learn about the SDGs: https://onchan.sch.im/pages/index/view/id/144/SDGs...

Here is our SOLE and SDG board that can be found on our main corridor displaying the SOLE steps and the focus SDGs for the half term.

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SOLE Resources

Here you can find the SOLE recording sheets we use in school, that you can print off to use for your own SOLEs at home. Onchan_School_SOLE_Recording_Sheets.docx SOLE_sheets.docx

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What is SOLE?

SOLE or Self Organised Learning Environments, is an approach to teaching and learning that was first founded in India by Professor Sugata Mitra and has since spread world-wide. The basic principles include: Child led enquiry-based learning Critical thinking, building higher order thinking, question…

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Why are we using it? We are using SOLE as a tool to develop and improve the skills and qualities that children require to progress on their journey as a learner. These being; curiosity, critiquing, reflecting, reasoning, imagining, discussing and observing, as well as understanding and applying exi…

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