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2021 - 2022

School Council and Manx Radio

Year 6 at the Crossroads Charity Bin collection

Crossroads Charity Bin December 2021

School Council spreading Christmas cheer!

Manx Radio Trip

Lieutenant Governor Visit

2020 - 2021

Springfield Court Visit December 2020

MSPCA Day 2021

School Council is made up of children from each class from Year 2 to Year 6. They are responsible for sharing their class suggestions at school council meetings and discussing whether they could be put into action.

One example of this is the Onchan School Council Tuck Shop. The idea to sell healthy snacks came from class suggestion boxes and school councillors discussed this idea and ways to make it work. They had to contact Robinson's to source fruit, advertise the tuck shop and they are in charge of running the tuck shop at break times. The tuck shop has been running successfully now for a year!

School Council have been involved in 2 new projects this year, whilst still running the tuck shop. The first was Beach Buddies and this resulted in a hugely enjoyable and successful trip. Bill Dale, the founder of Beach Buddies visited our school and gave an assembly to KS2. The children were inspired to help the environment after listening to his experiences and this was evident on their trip. We visited Groudle Beach and spent an hour picking up litter. This resulted in approximately 10 bin bags full! The children were amazed at the things they had found and at the fact people just dropped their litter and left. Some of the more memorable items we collected were a dolls head and a few shoes! To see pictures of this trip please visit the Gallery page.

The second project we have been involved with this year is helping Onchan Commissioners improve Onchan Park. Each school councillor discussed ideas with their class and reported back at the next school council meeting. During this meeting we accumulated all of the ideas and decided which ones to put forward (we had that many, we couldn't use them all!). 4 school councillors from Year 5 and 6 were then chosen to create a Keynote presentation and write a speech outlining our ideas and why we thought it was important that we were able to share them. Representatives from the Commissioners visited us in school and the 4 school councillors presented their ideas and answered questions extremely confidently. The Commissioners asked if we could plan our ideas onto maps of Onchan Map, so they can see our vision. School councillors took on the responsibility of organising this within their classes and they will be delivered to the Commissioners.

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