Healthcare Plans

You will be required to fill in a Healthcare Plan with your child’s class teacher should they require any form of regular/emergency medication in school. These Healthcare Plans will need to be updated every year or if there are medical changes regarding your child.

Healthcare Plan


If your child is taken ill during school hours, we will contact you and ask you to come and collect them. Please ensure that you provide at least 2 emergency contact numbers on Arbor and these are kept up to date. Please log on to your Arbor school account to change any details, so that the office are kept informed.

If children are ill we ask that they are kept at home until they recover. Some illnesses have a minimum time for which the child should remain at home e.g. if suffering vomiting and/or diarrhoea, your child should stay off for another 48 hours after the last symptoms. If you are unsure please consult the government guidance below or your doctor.

Guidance on Infections and Illnesses


All medication to be administered in school, whether long term or short term, will need to be accompanied by the relevant forms. We cannot give medicine to children without the proper procedures being followed.

If your child requires an inhaler, please ensure that there is one available to be kept in school at all times, along with a spacer if required, and another one which is kept in their school bag, which goes back and forth between school and home each day. Please ensure that your child's inhalers are clearly named and in date.

If your child requires an epi-pen, our policy states that there must be 2 epi-pens, which are held in school. These also need to be clearly named and in date.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your child’s medication is in date.

Please click here for access to our asthma and allergies and anaphylaxis policies.

Permission to Administer Medication Form

School Asthma Card

Accidents & Injuries

Unfortunately, from time to time accidents occur in school, which result in first aid treatment being given to your child. In most cases, cleaning of the area and a plaster are sufficient. However, if we feel that it is necessary we will contact you using one of the emergency contact numbers we have on record. If your child has a bump to the head, it is our policy to inform parents with a bumped head note.

All of our staff are first aid trained with up to date qualifications.

Head Lice

Unfortunately, from time to time we do get reports of children catching head lice. We kindly ask that all parents regularly check their child's hair and treat accordingly if head lice are found. This will help us to reduce the likelihood of head lice spreading.

Government Advice for Head Lice

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