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Welcome to Year Three!

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LKS2 Phase Newsletter Sept 2020

LKS2 Phase Newsletter 'Settling In' Sept 2020

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24th September 2020

This week we have been learning about the 7 life processes in Science. Some of the vocabulary has been quite tricky so we have attached the task that we were completing for you to have another look at.


wb: 14th September 2020

  • 15th/16th September - School Photos
  • 16th September - Cow to Cup IOM Creamery Workshop (please ensure any allergy slips are returned to school asap)
  • 17th September - Summerhill Glen Trip (wellies and waterproofs required, even if the weather is sunny!)
  • 18th September - Swimming (Assessment Week for Year 3 only - please ensure that you have returned the swimming ability slips by Tuesday 15th and children have the correct swimming kit, otherwise they will not be allowed in the water).


wb: 28th September 2020

  • Long 'a' sound - spelt 'ai'
    • straight, campaign, contain, brain, faint, waist, claim, praise, complaint, afraid

wb: 21st September 2020

  • Long 'a' sound - spelt 'ey'
    • hey, they, obey, grey, prey, whey, survey, convey, disobey, purvey

wb: 14th September 2020

  • Long 'a' sound - spelt 'ei' and 'eigh'
    • eight, eighth, eighty, vein, veil, weight, freight, neighbour, beige, sleigh

Author of The Week

wb: 28th September 2020

wb: 21st September 2020

wb: 14th September 2020


Cow to Cup Vitamins Wordsearch

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3C Owls Cow to Cup Workshop

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Autumn 1 Newsletter

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