Welcome to our New Starters page for 2022/23!

Here you will find information all about Onchan School and our lovely Foundation Stage.

To our New Starters and their Grown Ups

Welcome to Onchan School. If you are reading this, we hope that you are going to be joining our Reception classes here at our fabulous Onchan School. School is something really good. It’s a place where we make friends, have lots of fun and do lots of really brilliant things. We also become really good at learning and everyone who comes here becomes a Learning Hero. You will hear lots about our different learning characters: Sebastian Shark; Polly Penguin; Elma Elephant; Woody Woodpecker; Ollie Owl and Bobby Beaver. When you come to visit, see if you can see them around our school.

We are really looking forward to you starting your learning journey with us, but in the meantime have a look at our photographs and videos to find out more!

Mrs Richardson - Headteacher

Please see below for all the information you need to start at Onchan School in September 2023. If there is something missing or you are unsure of, please see our School Information tab on our main page where you can find out more. For any other quieries, please e-mail our school office at: OnchanEnquiries@sch.im.

Our Parent Booklet is a great place to start finding out about starting school in September:

Parent Booklet

Transition Support for Children

We appreciate transitioning to primary school can be a huge milestone for some children. To support your child on their journey to school we have created some welcome videos from our staff team. We have also created a social story about starting school which we will share with your child's nursery soon. If you are worried about your child's transition, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Miss Richardson - Class Teacher

Mr Jones - Class Teacher

Mrs Bird - SESO

Mrs Watterson - SESO

Transition Timeline and Events

December 6th 2022 - Stay and Play Session 1. See below for more information.


The following events are lined up to aid your child's journey to school:

March 2023 - Stay and Play Session 2

May 2023 - Parent's Meeting held at Onchan School

June 2023 - Nursery Visits
*This is where school staff will arrange with your child's nursery to visit them in their familiar setting.

July 2023 - Transition Visits to Onchan School
*You will receive an invitation to two transition sessions during the Intake Meeting in May.

**In addition, there are also two network meetings prior to your child starting school, where all nurseries and schools are invited to meet.

School Holidays

Click on the link below to view the school holidays. Please note that Reception will start a day later in September compared to the rest of the school.

School Holidays

We are really excited for your child to start school with us in September!