Why are we using it?

We are using SOLE as a tool to develop and improve the skills and qualities that children require to progress on their journey as a learner. These being; curiosity, critiquing, reflecting, reasoning, imagining, discussing and observing, as well as understanding and applying existing knowledge to new situations, which can be applied in a range of contexts.

Through a whole school approach, SOLE helps develop flexible, exciting and memorable learning experiences, which support the development of a broad range of academic, social and personal skills. Learners will be more confident to ask questions in order to deepen understanding of concepts and become more capable in challenging and exploring new thinking. The shift for learners moves from ‘work’ to ‘learning and exploring’.

A circle map completed by one of the children when learning about why the climate is changing.

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SOLE - Self Organised Learning Environments

SOLE at Onchan SchoolAt Onchan School, we recognise and value that children learn best when they drive and have ownership over their learning. Our Learning Powers and Learning and Teaching policy reflect our ethos for teaching and learning, “we expect ch…

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