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Year 2 Home Learning 2020/21

Day 1 Learning

Literacy: Writing activity Colouring comprehension A Monster Surprise comprehension Ronald the Rhino comprehension

Maths: Place Value Addition and Subtraction

Topic: Autumn activitiesWinter Activities

Day 2 Learning

Literacy: Writing Reading Phonics

Maths: Money

Topic: It is a cold, icy day today! Draw a sketch of what you can see from one of the windows in your house. Does anything change as the day continues? Does it look different in the evening to the morning?

Day 3 Learning

Literacy: Writing Reading SPAG

Maths: Multiplication We will be starting to learn more about Multiplication next week, this is to get you warmed up!

Topic: Create a diary of your first 2 or 3 days at home. Think about imaginative ways you can share your activities. You can make a poster, a collage or a song etc!

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