This half term we have chosen to focus on SDGs 1 No Poverty and 2 Zero Hunger, as the time of year is particularly poignant with Remembrance and Christmas approaching, a time that often highlights the struggles for those who live in poverty and without a stable access to food. We will use SOLE to explore the themes around these goals and also feed this into other curriculum areas. Our whole school learning will be driven by two SOLE questions:

SDG 1 - Does/can poverty affect us all? KS1 - What is poor? What does poor look like?

SDG 2 - Is there enough food to feed the world?

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SDGs 2020 & 2021

Here you will find which SDGs we explored in 2020 and 2021... Autumn 1 - https://onchan.sch.im/pages/index/view/id/130/Autu... Autumn 2 - https://onchan.sch.im/pages/index/view/id/131/Autu... Spring Term - https://onchan.sch.im/pages/index/view/id/141/Sp…

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