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Day Two Learning

Morning Mission - Fast Fact Friday - Practice doubling and halving numbers. Try to do these mentally with no written calculations. You can check your answers with a calculator when you have finished by multiplying by 2 (doubling) or dividing by 2 (halving).


Maths - Try to follow this using the PPT slides.

Compare and Order Fractions PPT Compare and Order Fractions Task

Guided Reading - Read the extract hen answer the questions on the task sheet. Guided Reading Extract Guided Reading Task

Creative Write - Today we will do a slow write. Follow the PPT to learn what sentences you need to include. Slow Write - Volcano

Extra: Here are some extra tasks if you are looking for more learning to do at home!

Topic - Earth Quakes Earthquakes PPT. Earthquakes design task

Maths - Here are some extra 10 minute maths tasks that you could do! 10 Minute Maths

Reading - Enjoy this time at home to read some new books!

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