Onchan School

"Learning is a journey, to be taken together, one step at a time."

Leadership Team

Headteacher Mrs J Richardson
Deputy Headteacher Mr M Kinmond

Teaching Staff

Foundation Stage Mrs V Richardson
Foundation Stage Miss V Cubbon (FS Leader)
Year 1 Miss C McMahon
Year 1 Miss J Cornmell / Miss C Beattie
Year 2 Miss C Corkill (KS1 Leader)
Year 2 Miss J Wooding
Year 3 Miss L Crowe
Year 3 Mrs V Whittaker / Mrs K Cullen
Year 4 Miss R Brownless
Year 4 Mrs R Crellin (LKS2 Leader)
Year 5 Mrs. M George
Year 5 Mrs C Callister (UKS2 Leader)
Year 6 Mr M Cox
Year 6 Mrs A Gravestock (SENCO)
Year 6 Miss S Bridson
PPA Cover
Miss H Annett
Mrs N Smith, Mrs S Pearson, Mr A Asbridge (MSR)

Support Staff

Mrs D Bird Mrs J Watterson
Miss G Caley Mrs A Morris
Mrs G Manley Mrs L Walker
Miss V Yuste Camacho Miss A Allison
Mrs P Skelly Mrs C Stowell
Mrs S Smith Mrs K Shimmin-Munk
Mrs N Foden Mr B Watterson
Mrs K Mills

Administrative Staff

Mrs A Barker Mrs B Clynes

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School Information Staff