Induction into Foundation Stage

During the induction process into Foundation Stage, parents are invited to an open evening in May where you will meet our Headteacher Mrs Richardson, our Foundation Stage team leader and the current Foundation Stage staff. This meeting enables you to find out how the Foundation Stage operates at Onchan School, so you are prepared for when your child starts school in September. Parents will be given the opportunity after the meeting to have a look around the Foundation Stage environment and have a chat with the team. Following on from this, the children are then invited into the Foundation Stage for two sessions, where they will meet some of their peers and be able to explore the Foundation Stage environment. This also allows the staff members working within the Foundation Stage to get to know a little bit about your child before they begin their learning journey with us in September.

Induction into other years at Onchan School

Before the induction process begins, contact should be with the Headteacher via our School Office. Your child will be offered taster sessions before they begin which will provide opportunities to familiarise themselves with the setting, the teachers and their peers.

Transition throughout Onchan School

Your child will be supported as they transition through the different year groups during their time at Onchan School. Before the end of the school year, your child will have the opportunity to meet the class teacher for the next academic year during our 'moving up' sessions and have the opportunity to spend some time working within their classroom. Your child's class teacher will also liaise with the new class teacher in order to pass on information which will support the transition process.

Transition into secondary school

Our catchment area secondary school is St. Ninian's High School. The schools within the North Douglas cluster work very closely together and during the Spring and Summer terms, there is a busy period of transition activities provided for the children. During the transition period, pupils are given plenty of opportunities to visit the Bemahague site and take part in a range of events with Year 6 pupils from the other feeder schools in our cluster. There will also be a range of opportunities for the children to meet the members of staff from their new school. Transition sessions allow the children to feel more confident and less anxious with the move from primary school into secondary school.

The needs of our pupils are taken into consideration by all stakeholders, including teaching staff, support staff and parents, in order to ensure the best possible outcomes for each and every child during their time here at Onchan.

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