Onchan School

"Learning is a journey, to be taken together, one step at a time."

Administrative Staff

Mrs A Barker

Mrs B Clynes

Support Staff

Mrs D Bird

Mrs J Watterson

Mrs A Morris

Mrs G Manley

Miss G Caley

Mrs L Hanbidge

Mrs P Skelly

Mrs S Smith

Mrs L Walker

Mrs C Stowell

Miss S Ward

Mrs K Shimmin-Munk

Mrs M Fuller

Mrs N Foden

Ms D Findlay

Mrs K Mills

Mrs C Ormerod


Mrs T O'Neill

Cleaning Staff

Mrs C Moore

Mrs H Cowley

Ms E Callow

Ms S Bentham

Ancillary Staff

Mrs N Chambers - Catering

Mrs J Andrassi - Catering

Mrs K Bridson - Catering

Mrs B Clynes - Lunchtime Ancillary

Mrs C Moore - Lunchtime Ancillary

Mrs S Crittenden - Lunchtime Ancillary

Mrs N Clarke - Lunchtime Ancillary

Mrs E Kearney - Lunchtime Ancillary

Mrs C Williamson - Lunchtime Ancillary

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School Information

Onchan School is a very special place to be. Everyone who works here is immensely proud of what we are achieving each day but there is no-one more proud than I am to be a part of a hard working team, that is working together to make a difference to the e…

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