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Welcome to Year Two!

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KS1 Newsletter September 2020

Year 2 Autumn 1 Newsletter

KS1 Newsletter (Settling In)


2C Dolphins Autumn 1 (Updated 25th September)

2M Monkeys Autumn 1 (Updated 18th September)


Autumn 1 - New Zealand and Forces



Autumn 1 newsletter

Curriculum Maps

Autumn 1 Curriculum Map

Parent information


Learning in 2C Dolphins so far...

Year 2 Hop tu Naa visit

Moon Buggy's in 2C Dolphins

KS1 Christmas Concert 2019

2C meet Father Christmas

2C Valentines Hunt

2C Performance Poetry

Blog Posts

Speaking and Listening in 2C Dolphins

Pudsey in 2C Dolphins

Teamwork in 2C



September newsletter

October newsletter

November/December newsletter

January/February newsletter

March/April newsletter

May/June newsletter

Curriculum Maps


Spring 2 Curriculum map

Summer 1 Curriculum Map

Parent Information

Parent Information Booklet

Book band bookmarks


Tasting Italian food in 2B

2C Italian Adventure

October learning in 2C

2C plant investigation

Symmetrical Pizza in 2B

2C Remembrance activities

Remembrance week in 2B

When 2C met Pudsey

2C Christmas party 2018

Year 2 Dome trip January 2019


Science in 2C (air resistance)

2C Easter Hunt

2C science investigation (reversible/irreversible changes)

2C Chocolate Bar Making

Hedgehog visit

2C Wildlife Park trip June 2019

2B Wildlife Park trip June 2019

Blog Posts

2C Comic Book

Diwali in 2C

2C Recycling Talk



October newsletter

Autumn newsletter

November Newsletter

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Curriculum Maps

Autumn 1 curriculum map

Autumn 2 curriculum map

Spring 1 Curriculum Map

Spring 2 curriculum map

Summer 1 curriculum map

Parent Information

Wildlife Park trip

February INSPIRE letter

Tesco trip letter (January)

Learning Language and Powers

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