Onchan School

"Learning is a journey, to be taken together, one step at a time."

As part of our development of the outdoor area in Foundation Stage, we decided that they would like to create a loose parts shed for the children to use. The only problem was, we had no loose parts! After reaching out to Hartford Homes to see if they could lend a hand, we were over the moon that we had a response within just 12 hours! Hartford Homes said they were "delighted to assist" our Foundation Stage team and arranged for a delivery of spare materials.

The delivery of materials arrived on Wednesday afternoon and the children were extremely excited to see what Hartford had donated. Chris Corkill, of Hartford Homes, delivered all the materials and said "This is one of the things we love best, not only seeing a good use for our spare building materials, but knowing it will help with the children's education is just brilliant. To us, these materials are just part of the building process but you can already see that in the hands of children they could be anything. It is really great to see."

The children were over the moon and had a fantastic session outside using their imaginations and playing with them.

We'd like the express our huge thanks again to Hartford Homes for their generous support.

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