Onchan School

"Learning is a journey, to be taken together, one step at a time."

The Lions, the Elephants and the Penguins had a fantastic time at the Wildlife Park today!

All three classes were really lucky to visit Liz in the School Room. Here we got to see some amazing things including a crocodile skin, a snake skin, an elephant tusk, an elephant tooth and a Sitatunga skull! We even got to meet a python called Monty, two giant African land snails and some Madagascan hissing cockroaches. It was really interesting learning about all these different animals from Africa.

We had a wander around the park to see all the different animals that live there and met the Spectacled Owl Bugg up close and personal! We even managed to squeeze in some playing in the parks in between our adventures and lunch!

It's no wonder some of us needed a little snooze on the way back to school!

Find the photos from our trip on the link below:

Foundation Stage go wild

There will be more photos to follow!