Onchan School

"Learning is a journey, to be taken together, one step at a time."

'Somebody Swallowed Stanley' - We started our World Book Day by thinking of our favourite story and creating some bunting. Then we had a look at some of the pictures of 'Stanley' from the book before reading it, to think about how he could be feeling based on his expressions and what might have caused him to feel that way. Then we read the story together and discussed what it made us think about. We experimented with an elastic band around our hand to see if we could remove it without using our other hand or our teeth within 20 seconds, we then made our hand into a beak shape and tried again. It made the children realise how difficult it would be for an animal to remove plastic from their mouths or feet if it gets stuck. After that we had a think about different items and put them into two groups - contains plastic/doesn't contain plastic. It surprised some of us to know that tea bags and chewing gum contain some plastic!! Our final task today was to work in groups to research plastic pollution in different countries. Tomorrow afternoon we will do some plastic junk modelling!